May 21, 2024

Legal Videography

Cape Coral Videography LLC provides professional legal videography in Fort Myers and Cape Coral. For over 30 years, we have provided perfect recordings of depositions. We use exact equipment for sound including sound mixers and individual microphones for all participants. The legal videography recordings are available in high definition and provided on flash drives. For immediate and rush services, each recording can be uploaded to Drop Box and other cloud services. This gives the lawyer instant access for review and editing as required.

Legal videography
Fort Myers Legal Video Services

Cape Coral Videography LLC

Thank you for visiting Cape Coral Videography LLC. We have been in existence since 1990. Our business has always been centered around long standing relationships with an outstanding client base and referrals.

Times are in flux with current health and welfare necessities, so it’s time to adjust the way we all conduct business. We have added remote legal videography deposition coverage. The increase in Videoconference usage for legal proceedings has changed the way they are memorialized. Ever increasing is the need to remotely document these legal proceedings using off-site Court Reporters and Videographers.

national court reporters association
Certified through the National Court Reporters Association

Fort Myers Legal Videography

It is advised that the use of a Certified Legal Videographer be used to conduct the recordings of depositions. A certified legal videographer will follow NCRA guidelines in the same manner as a “live on-site” deposition would be conducted. The use of the screen capture method that some VTC platforms provide, may not be allowed in some jurisdictions. Further, if the individual that has been given the task to ‘hit the record button’ is distracted and forgets to pause the recording when necessary, private and privileged information may be jeopardized.

Our assignments include the 20th Judicial Circuit of Lee County. Our professionals have portable equipment for recording depositions in the lawyer’s office or the court reporting firm.